Five reasons you should buy art

Five reasons you should buy art

Among the most enduring qualities of art is its capacity to transfer the viewer to another time and place. Like portals to other people’s world, minds and lives, art affords us a unique chance to step beyond our familiar surroundings and to new worlds. Art helps boost our capacity for compassion and understanding of other cultural practices, in addition to a deepening our sense of cultural identity.

Consciously or unconsciously the items you collect on your area speak volumes about who you are and what you value. Whether you are a fan of the outdoors, have a sense of humour or enjoy life to be in a state of order, such as original artworks on your surroundings is an ideal way to express your identity, interests and ambitions.

We are all familiar with the experience of walking into a room and immediately feeling the effects of its atmosphere. Our brains are hardwired to emotionally react to the visual stimuli of colour, light and form, and the mood you create on your home or office includes a strong influence on how you and others think, communicate and act. The existence of artworks within a space can reinforce positive feelings of comfort, curiosity, sensuality or confidence.

It may be something as straightforward as a stone collected on a different beach walk or a precious object gifted by a loved one. Purchasing an artwork produces a similar psychological link between time and location. You might buy art after receiving a job promotion, while on a beautiful vacation or to indicate a new phase in life. Living with an art piece which signals a particular period in your life generates a continuous reminder of the memory, place, person or accomplishment.

Creating an environment which is stimulating, inspiring and lively can be beneficial for both households and businesses alike. Children thrive in spaces which promote a feeling of exploration and visual expression.

Responding to colour is such a personal experience. While some folks love living with a riot of candy stripes, others may prefer a world of cool neutrals. From a design standpoint, the achievement of a harmonious relationship between soft furnishings, wall colours and finishes could be mediated through the choice of complementary artworks.

Behind every piece of art stands an individual striving to attain extraordinary things in their career.